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World Globe

Guest Blogger: Sam

I liked doing the balloon activity because I got to work with Mitch. It was also fun because Miss Alex kept popping the Balloons. And it was a good 5 of them. And when I was drawing the equator on the balloon it wasn’t very accurately done. And I don’t know if we did the oceans accurately as well. When we were looking at the globe we saw this weird country called Chad. And I really wanted to put it on but we couldn’t.

What weird countries have you heard of?



I love Multiplication

Guest Blogger: Jacob S

I love my math’s when it comes to algorithms. I really think that I’m the best in the class no one is better than me. My brain says I’m the best so I guess that I’m the best that is alive. That’s just me. I came to being really stupid and thinking that I’m dumb but now no one can get me to say I’m dumb anymore. 22×4=88 see if you don’t think that I’m the best. Well look at this 154×4=616 and if that doesn’t make you think so well this will amaze you 1,233×2=2,466. What about that has that amazed you if not nothing must amaze you 😉
I was third in the class for division
but I will be first I don’t care what you think but in my world no one better than me yes it is true! My math’s is the best in the world you might be better than me but my world again I’m the best.


Grand Final

Guest Blogger – Rhys

On Sunday I went to my brothers footy Grand Final against Melton Rupo lost 25 to 66.
Even though we lost I was very very proud of my big brother and his team for making it to the footy Grand Final.:-}
I went with my friends to the Rupo and Melton game, we played tiggy and ball tiggy.
On Saturday I had a sleepover!!!! with some other friends, we played Minecraft,Terraia and Battleships.
I had the time of my life!


Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
By Ben C

In class we are reading the book by Roald Dahl called Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

 The story is about Charlie who lives with his grandparents. Willy Wonka said there are five golden tickets to be won for a tour through his chocolate factory.

One day Charlie got some money off his grandparents and ran down the street to the shop and asks if he can have two chocolate bars.

He opens the first chocolate bar and there’s no golden ticket so he opens the second chocolate bar and there’s the ticket. He won the last golden ticket.

charlie choc

Science Night

Killara’s Family Science Night is approaching us very quickly. On Wednesday 19th August we invite everyone to a fun night of “Making Waves – The Science of Light”. In order to make this night a huge success we ask for your participation in donating a range of resources. We request that these items are thoroughly cleaned and in good condition:

Empty cans, plastic bottles, clear plastic and foam cups, plastic straws, icy-pole sticks, toothpicks, cling wrap cylinders, small and large paper plates, zip-locked bags, googly eyes, pom poms, balloons, fishing line and rubber bands.

Thank you all for your help.




By Amber

In Inquiry we are learning about the different countries, states and Capital cities. In Australia there are 7 states. The States of Australia are: Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. The Capital Cities of Australia are: Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart.

There are 7 continents on Earth. They are: Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, Antarctica, North America and South America.

How to say hello in India is Namaste, in Italy it is Ciao, in Egypt it is salaam aleikum, in French it is bonjour, in China it is Nín hǎo, in Russia it is zdravstvuyte, in Greek it is geia sas, in German it is hallo and in Sweden it is hej.

Here is a picture of Australia:
australiaHow many Countries/States have you been to? How many Countries/States do you know?



By Anna

Matilda Wormwood is a magical wonderful 5- year old girl but she has disgraceful parents and a mean brother. When she starts to go to school, she meets a sweet teacher named Miss Honey. Matilda is also a very smart girl.But her horrible head mistress named Miss Trunchbull is going round to people pulling their hair and stretching their ears. Matilda then somehow gets a funny feeling and then she realizes that she has powers by just using her eyes!!!

When Miss Honey invites Matilda to her rather small cottage, Matilda tells Miss Honey how it felt when she got those powers. After that, Miss Honey tells Matilda her story.

The most interesting part of the story was when Miss Honey told Matilda that……..Miss Trunchbull was her real auntie!!!!!

The next day went fine. After Matilda went to Miss Honey’s new cottage the next day, back at her house she found out that they were moving to Spain! Matilda went screaming to Miss Honey’s new cottage saying “I want to live with you, Miss Honey!”.


What do you like about Matilda so far?

Matilda Book Review

Book Review on
Roald Dahl’s
By Charlotte

 The Book is about a young girl named Matilda Wormwood and her sweet teacher Miss Honey. Matilda has a great power to move and lift objects. The dreadful headmistress Miss Trunchbull thinks that small children are filthy little stinkers. Matilda has an awful family but she is a very kind sweet little girl, who lets her mind explore the life of the dreadful Trunchbull and sweet Miss Honey.

What I liked about the book.

I think that the characters in Matilda are very intelligent and kind. I love that the bad guy is Miss Trunchbull who is also the headmistress.

The main characters.

Matilda Wormwood

Matilda is a gifted child because she is much smarter than any of the other students. She knows her multiplication tables and she reads books that the teacher Miss Honey reads.

 Miss Honey

Miss Honey is the first grade teacher and she is very poor as well. She is a beautiful young lady and she lets her mind wonder.

 The Wormwoods

Matilda’s parents aren’t very nice people. They give all their attention to their son Mike its like Matilda doesn’t even exist. Matilda’s father is a car dealer he gets second hand cars turns the distance back and puts the price up. Matilda’s mother plays bingo every day.

There is a stage show of Matilda coming to Melbourne next year.

 Have you read Matilda? What was your favourite part?



Premiers Reading Challenge

Don’t Forget !

Please remember to keep entering all the books you read in to the P.R.C. As mentioned earlier in the term by our guest blogger Amber: The Premiers Reading Challenge is where you read 30 books and record them into the website The Premiers Reading Challenge aims for children to improve in their reading.

Well done to everyone who has logged all their books so far. Remember you can also register books we read in class.

lachlan dogWhat is your favourite book we have read in class? Why?